Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing Restaurant Reviews!

Here at Grading Disney I want to review everything that Disney has to offer not just rides so I'm really excited to announce the beginning of restaurant reviews here! I'm going to cover a variety of restaurants in the future from in park quick service booths to gourmet restaurants such as Victoria and Albert's. Like the ride reviews I hope these reviews are both helpful and fun to read as I explore all the great things Disney Dining has to offer!

I will grade restaurants based on the following scale. Let me know what you think of the scale and if anything should be changed or removed. As always these grades and the grading scale are just my opinion and are just for fun so I hope you enjoy!

Grading Scale for Restaurants
  1. Taste - The main reason why someone goes to a restaurant; does it taste good? Is the overall quality of the food good? Are there any unique flavors at this restaurant or are classic foods presented in a new way?
  2. Value - How much does the restaurant cost in relation to the quality of the food and atmosphere? Can you feed a large family or group there without breaking the bank?
  3. Menu - How extensive is the menu and how much variety does it have on it? Are there both signature dishes that are favorites and something new to try every time you go back?
  4. Atmosphere/Theming - Is there a specific theme to the restaurant and if so does it pull off the theme well? Is there a special story or atmosphere at the restaurant?
  5. Popularity - How busy is the restaurant on a regular basis? Is this restaurant considered a favorite among guests?

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