Monday, March 7, 2011

List of Features

Here's a rundown of some of the features I have planned for this blog:
  1. Ride Ratings - main topic of this site. I will grade the rides on a specific scale which I will post soon
  2. Resturant/Hotel Ratings - I will also have a specific grading scale for these
  3. Back to the future - A look at brand new and future Disney attractions with a special rating on how exciting these new attractions will be
  4. WDW Time Machine - I go back in time and rate some of the rides from Disney years ago.
  5. Matchups - Head-to-head battles to see what the greatest Disney attractions are (possible matchups include: Park vs. Park, Orignial Disneyland attraction vs. Magic Kingdom Equivalent, Seasonal attraction vs. regular etc.)
  6. Standings - Periodic rankings of the top attractions
  7. Disscussion Threads - A chance for readers to give their own ratings and discuss their favorite attractions

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