Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Hello and welcome to!

I am a life long Disney fan who has been to WDW over 40 times since the early 1990's. In this time I have ridden almost every ride, stayed at almost every hotel, and eaten at almost every resturant at Disney. So I thought it would be fun to try to figure out what is the best of the best at Disney World. Therefore I created this blog to rate each individual attraction, hotel, resturant, and even entire park and break them down to see what makes them so great.

I was inspired to create this blog when I saw the number of Disney websites on the web and realized that many of them were talking about the same things. (Disney news, rumors, trip planning etc.) I decided to make a website that I would really enjoy and that would be a little different from other sites. I'm sure that there are other sites that provide an evaulation of WDW but I hope to make this site very fun and full of information so it will stand out among the crowd.

I also will make this blog an interactive experience. If you have something to say about an attraction rating or disagree with one of my ratings I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section. I hope to have a forum page where members can discuss all things Disney if I get enough people following this blog. So if you enjoy this blog, which I truly hope you do,  please spread the word. Tell all your friends so that Grading Disney can become a great community of Disney fans!

Thanks and Enjoy,
Austin Smith

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